About Me

Grace Guadagnino is . . .

an actress, a singer VO artist and story-teller. She's always dreamed of working in professional theatre, television and film, yet it wasn't until she studied journalism for her undergrad when she realized her passion lies in a different type of storytelling: acting. She strives to give an authentic performance every chance she gets, whether it be on stage with her neo-jazz/soul band Moonwillow, in plays and musicals, in the recording booth for voiceovers, or living in front of the camera. Grace is ready to bring life and soul to any story. As she continues to study the craft of acting and voice artistry with different coaches, mentors and books, Grace intends to share her growth as an actress, singer and storyteller with the audience, resonating in each and every performance.


Height: 5'7

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: New York, NY

2010 - present
2010 - present